Not long ago we would think that the Internet was about the creation of websites. Now Internet is everything, everywhere. Internet is not like a car on which websites are driven from A to B and have a starting point, and an finish line. The Internet is the highway. In the such highway are to be found websites, emails, videos, applications for weather prediction, calendars, etc… there are infinite layers of information, no matter on which protocol they are run. When information is crossing the such layers, it is self-generating other layers about itself : comments, links, latitudes, pics… The layers generated around the information are linked to it as well.

The management of digital content goes far beyond the owning of a website. The management of digital content is about un-locking our information and distributing it along as many possible layers without our contents being distorted in the process, as well as controlling the way in which such pieces of information are spread among all layers. Digital contents have an edge over other supports in the way that they can be morphed for other supports (digital, or not), without losses. Digital contents do not get old, they spread and morph. Lagolfa’s main goal, and our market, is to plan the sense and the direction of the contents that a company, an author, or an institution, are willing to place on the Internet.

Our services are focused on the companies not only having control on the contents available on the web, which would be one of the ultimate or intermediate steps, but also on which way do they reach the web. Certifying that our contents will be made available for every hardware and protocol on the web, taking advantage of the contents that are generated by our contents, preventing our contents to be distorted along their life-cycle on the web, and teaching staff on how to deal with the such information, are the tasks of consulting and planning provided by Lagolfa.

Our Internet services go far beyond the launching of a website, what is important is not the website, i.e. the container, what is important is the content. The planning we undertake on our projects is about the contents and the users who interact with them. Which means : contents accessible at every layer, protocol or hardware (accessibility) and that can be managed by every user profile on the web (usability).


Lagolfa is born through Vicente Blas Lopez Plaza’s experience, internet & IT related know-how acquired in the past 12 years. I’ve been lucky to work on on-line projects ever since 1998, working for both Spanish & foreign companies in such fields as web creation, as well as catalogues, websites, applications, intranets, extranets, as well as my own development projects.
I’ve been working on the such fields for the past 7 years, of which, 5 as a freelance, 1 in a Microsoft certified consulting firm, and for the last year, in my own company. As a total I must have carried on over 200 online projects. Besides I do write a monthly paper on technology for an Economy magazine : Agenda de la empresa andaluza (Anadalusian Business Agenda) , with 40.000 copies print run.
When I started in this job, it was all about websites and they were created within the framework of either the academic world or private business, the networking citizen or the digital society were non-existing, the inhabitants of the cyber-world in Spain were very few indeed. Since the cyber-gap has been closing, and the mainstream population has progressively entered the digital society, whereas the professional projects have remained about the same : websites, b2b etc…

Presently, it is not only this society that is within the web, but it is the web, thanks to portable communication devices, the ever cheaper mobile connections, that walks together with the citizens. It is the contents that create value for both citizens & business’. It does not make any sense to think of Internet / web content only as a website, or an application. It does not matter how good you are as a website creator or application developer, what has become important is how you deal with the contents hosted by that particular company, person or institution. Content has become the main value for companies as well as for people.

Companies who are ready to un-lock the potential of their contents, launch them on-line, let the such contents evolve freely on the web, and manage the value they are creating, and outmostly : let the network have access to people & business’. The companies who are willing to understand this, are the ones that are really ready for the coming digital society. It is not anymore a matter of putting content on the web, it has become the matter of letting the web come into us, within our project. Lagolta’s main goal, within this project, is not to create good websites or good applications, but to manage appropiately the digital contents of our clients, as well as those of the people who interact with them. We provide the solutions for the network to enter into business, associations, people, in a easy way, and in a such way that we become another link within the network.


Our services
Oriented to the management of internet projects based on digital contents and the people who work with the such contents, whether they may be company staff managing them, or customers / users using them. We have two distinct services :

Digital Contents on the Internet.
Information is generated. Then it becomes digital. It is ordered, published, shared, morphed, generates value, it becomes value. With this product we un-lock the contents within a company, its available know-how, its data-bases, all the knowledge within it, and on the basis of a strategic planning focused on its contents and the working process’ undertaken by its staff / users, we design its presence on the Internet, no matter it would be as a website, a blog, an intranet or as applications. The map of digital contents is absolutely crucial.

Certifications of accessibility / usability
The best way of granting that our digital contents, our project on the web is both visible and accessible from every available web-surfing device, with due respect to user’s preferences (needless to be always handicapped users) is by certifying that the code that has been used and the design framework around the contents abide to the web community’s accepted standards (w3c.org) and that it complies to quality standards regarding its interaction with the user.

We certify that the source code abides to the standards set by the W3C.org (Wolrd Wide Consortium) and is appropriate to the types of document HTML4, HTML5, XHTML 1, XHTML 1.1 o XHTML 1.1 strict, XHTML mobile, RSS, RDIF, RDS, or Atom. Moreover we verify the resulting project abides to the WAI-A,WAI-AA, WAI-AAA.

The usability of the information can be evaluated in various ways : with user’s tests, tests, form analysis, etc… on the basis of this revision we certify that the such websites are user friendly (intuitive), no matter the device the website is surfed on, Besides we certify that the forms, applications, documents, links, etc… do work appropriately.


The company is located in a 11 Sq. m office, licensed to the public, and it has a social & taxation address, where it legally lives. Both located in the town of Santomera, Murcia (Spain). The company has 1 permanent worker on its payroll and outsources services to freelance workers for particular projects. It is foreseen to hire 1 other permanent worker in the third quarter of the present year.

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