Our services
Oriented to the management of internet projects based on digital contents and the people who work with the such contents, whether they may be company staff managing them, or customers / users using them. We have two distinct services :

Digital Contents on the Internet.
Information is generated. Then it becomes digital. It is ordered, published, shared, morphed, generates value, it becomes value. With this product we un-lock the contents within a company, its available know-how, its data-bases, all the knowledge within it, and on the basis of a strategic planning focused on its contents and the working process’ undertaken by its staff / users, we design its presence on the Internet, no matter it would be as a website, a blog, an intranet or as applications. The map of digital contents is absolutely crucial.

Certifications of accessibility / usability
The best way of granting that our digital contents, our project on the web is both visible and accessible from every available web-surfing device, with due respect to user’s preferences (needless to be always handicapped users) is by certifying that the code that has been used and the design framework around the contents abide to the web community’s accepted standards (w3c.org) and that it complies to quality standards regarding its interaction with the user.

We certify that the source code abides to the standards set by the W3C.org (Wolrd Wide Consortium) and is appropriate to the types of document HTML4, HTML5, XHTML 1, XHTML 1.1 o XHTML 1.1 strict, XHTML mobile, RSS, RDIF, RDS, or Atom. Moreover we verify the resulting project abides to the WAI-A,WAI-AA, WAI-AAA.

The usability of the information can be evaluated in various ways : with user’s tests, tests, form analysis, etc… on the basis of this revision we certify that the such websites are user friendly (intuitive), no matter the device the website is surfed on, Besides we certify that the forms, applications, documents, links, etc… do work appropriately.